Saving the lives

of America's Heroes About Us

Saving the Lives

of America's Heroes About Us

Wellness Program

An integrated medical approach to firefighter and police officer exams that combines an annual physical with life-saving, early detection testing for major diseases.

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Early Detection

Thorough physical examinations for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Our sophisticated medical tests identify specific markers that are the foundation of virtually every disease.

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Fitness Analysis

Our unique 8-level fitness analysis and personalized fitness plans make certain that firefighters are in top physical condition to ensure better on the job performance and overall well being.

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Without Life Scan I would probably have had a major heart attack. After receiving their physical, they stayed on me to go and see a cardiologist, even though I had no symptoms.  I did see a cardiologist, who sent me straight to the hospital where the next morning I had open heart surgery. I had over 70% blockage in three arteries and over 90% blockage in the other two. I highly recommend that every department have a health and wellness program…it will save lives.

Russell McCord

EFR, Englewood Fire Department

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