What we have is an amazing rate of finding cancer and heart disease, and other critical diseases at such early stages. The proof is in our outcomes. Saving the lives of your firefighters and law enforcement officers is what this is all about. With firefighters, it is critical to do advanced testing that goes way beyond what average clinics provide. Firefighters are exposed to toxic elements, high stress, extreme heat, sleep deprivation, dehydration, and the list goes on. And this causes high rates of cancer and is off the charts. What we do is all about early detection and it has been proven to be accurate and effective.

Public Safety Physicals

The medical examination provides invaluable health status assessments of both the individual and department wide.

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Early Detection Ultrasound Screening

Cancer and heart disease are front and center in the health and safety agenda of the public safety services.

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Cardiopulmonary and Fitness Exam

Cardiopulmonary exercise testing has become an important clinical tool to evaluate exercise capacity and predict outcomes in patients with heart failure and other cardiac conditions.

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