Without Life Scan Wellness Centers I would not be here today. Because of the early detection from Life Scan I was back to work light duty in six weeks and back to firefighting in just eight weeks.
Russell (Rusty) McCord
Englewood Fire Department


Higher risk of being diagnosed with cancer than the general population.


Career firefighter line-of-duty cancer deaths from January 1, 2002, to March 31, 2017.


Line-of-duty cancer deaths for career firefighters in 2016.


Of all firefighters will get cancer.

Source: firefightercancersupport.org


Firefighters face cancer rates substantially higher than the general population. Life Scan Wellness Centers point of care ultrasound-integrated comprehensive physical exams have been successful in the early detection of cancer and heart disease, providing for the most successful outcomes.

Heart Disease

Experts consider public safety to be among the most stressful and hazardous of all professions with long-term exposure to toxic materials, extreme heat exposure, intense physical demands, and repeated exposure to emotionally devastating events. Roughly half (45%) of the nation’s on-duty line-of-duty firefighter fatalities are due to sudden cardiovascular events. Life Scan Wellness Centers annual physical include cardiac echocardiogram and cardio pulmonary stress tests.

Behavioral Health

Repeated exposure to trauma can lead to mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, and, in the worst cases, suicide in first responders. Life Scan Wellness Centers incorporates behavioral wellness screening as part of our comprehensive early detection physicals. Additionally, Life Scan Wellness Centers has partnered with national experts in behavioral health and key national organizations to offer expanded resources for behavioral health and wellness.


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