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Life Scan Wellness Centers would like to extend a special thank you to those heroes who risk their lives to protect ours.

The Life Scan Wellness Centers AdvantageWe bring our services to you!

Hearing Test

An integrated medical approach

With cancer and cardiovascular disease so prevalent in public safety, we believe an integrated approach is the answer. Our medical team works in conjunction with each other to offer the best outcomes.

  • We will send our Life Scan Wellness Centers medical staff onsite for all aspects of the physical exam including hearing and vision.
  • We will facilitate the blood draws prior to the department’s physicals.

Unique 8-level fitness analysis

Unique 8-level fitness analysis and personalized fitness plans make certain firefighters  and police officers are in top physical condition to ensure better on the job performance  and overall well being.

  • Life Scan Wellness Centers Clinical Exercise Physiologists are experienced in cardiac testing and interpretation, lung capacity (pulmonary function) testing and interpretation, firefighter fitness evaluations, POST Medical Examinations, diet and nutrition, body fat and body composition, and all aspects of NFPA 1582, NFPA 1583, and WFI fitness assessments.
  • All Life Scan Wellness Centers physiologists are trained and experienced in OSHA Respiratory Protection 1910.134 medical testing and Mask Fit Testing protocol. ACLS Certified.

Physical examinations

Life Scan Wellness Centers tackles the big health issues in public safety: Cancer, Heart Disease, and Behavioral Health.

  • Our distinctive Life Scan Wellness Centers Ultrasound-aided physical exam has been the cornerstone of our Life Scan Wellness physicals since our onset and the key to our success in the fight against cancer, heart disease, and other potentially catastrophic diseases.
  • Life Scan’s Advanced Practice Registered Nurses perform the on-site annual and pre-employment physicals, clinical assessments, administer the infectious disease program.
  • Our nurse practitioners have extensive experience providing medical clearances, pre-placement employment physicals, fitness for duty, NFPA 1582 and POST Medical exams, WFI, and OSHA Respirator Medical Clearance.
  • They each have a thorough understanding of the unique needs, physical requirements, and mental stress related to the profession of firefighter and police personnel.


  • Ian Womack
    Chief Ian Womack
    Thyroid Cancer

  • Matt Corso
    Matt Corso
    Rare Stage 2 Testicular Cancer

  • Shelby
    Chief Shelby Willis
    Thyroid Cancer

  • Curtis McClendon
    Curtis McClendon
    Kidney Cancer

  • Paul Marzella
    Paul Marzella
    Aortic Root Aneurysm

  • John Trese
    John Trese
    Prostate Cancer

  • Jeff Bergamo
    Jeff Bergamo
    Testicular Cancer

  • Gerry Pingitore
    Chief Gerry Pingitore (Ret.)
    Ascending Aortic Aneurysm

  • Steve Wagner
    Steve Wagner
    Testicular Cancer

  • Hallman
    Kelly Hallman
    Thyroid Cancer

  • Kenneth Parker Katy
    Ast. Chief Kenny Parker
    Testicular Cancer

  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson
    Rare Thyroid Cancer

  • Leonard Furst
    Leonard Furst
    Thyroid Cancer

  • Steve Hagmann
    Stephen Hagmann
    Kidney Cancer

  • Mark Sealy
    Fire Chief Mark Sealy
    Kidney cancer

  • Jason Happe
    Jason Happe
    Aortic Root Aneurysm

  • Julius Halas
    Julius Halas
    Blood Cancer

  • Onan Troy
    Troy O’nan
    Aortic Root Aneurysm