Our Team

  • Patricia Johnson


    Patricia Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Life Scan Wellness Centers, has over thirty-five years of medical expertise.

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  • Michael Terrana


    Mike retired from his practice in 2017 and serves full time in his position of Chief Financial Officer and Chief Legal Counsel for Life Scan Wellness Centers....

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  • Chief Todd LeDuc (Ret.)


    Chief Todd J. LeDuc, (Ret.) served over thirty years at Broward County Sheriff Fire Rescue in Florida retiring as Assistant Fire Chief.

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🚨 We're hiring! Comprehensive health plan, competitive travel reimbursement, benefits, and PTO.
Bonus: Saving the lives of America's heroes. ❤️

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As we near the end of Week 3 of Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month we hope that you have had the time to cover some of the resources we’ve made available for you.
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