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Public Safety Physicals

The medical examination provides invaluable health status assessments of both the individual and department-wide. The medical evaluation is intended to identify whether an individual is physically and mentally able to perform essential job duties without undue risk of harm to self or others, monitor acute and long-term effects of the working environment of uniformed personnel, detect patterns of disease in the workforce that might indicate underlying work-related health concerns, provide quantifiable medical information on the entire workplace, and inform uniformed personnel of their occupational hazards and health status. This medical evaluation complies with federal, state, provincial and local health and safety requirements. The Nurse Practitioner has a thorough understanding of the public service officer positions including essential job tasks, physical demands, psychosocial stressors, various environmental exposures and the effects of medical conditions on essential job tasks.

The Life Scan Nurse Practitioner is responsible for providing an annual comprehensive medical assessment for uniformed personnel.

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